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basic obedience training

With a name like DuckDogTrainer.com, it is obvious to everyone that we train dogs for duck hunting.  However, through the years we have had the chance to train in excess of 1,500 dogs for owners who may or may not have been duck hunters. In fact, every dog in our training programs must first show proficiency in basic obedience training before advancing to retriever training.

If you want a well-behaved pet that is fun for the entire family, then our basic obedience training program is just what you need! Our obedience training is a program that is available to mid-size and large breeds. We currently do not offer obedience training on toy breeds.

Basic Obedience Training

Our obedience training has two levels. Each level of training takes one month to complete.  In our basic obedience training, dogs are taught basic commands like heel, sit, stay, come, and kennel.   During the basic obedience phase, all of these commands are taught while the dog is still on the leash. On leash training gives a trainer more control and builds trust and confidence between handler and the dog. Furthermore, some places require that a dog be on leash at all times. Therefore, starting with on leash training is critical.

Advanced Obedience Training

The advanced level of obedience training continues teaching the same commands of heel, sit, stay, come, and kennel only at a much more proficient level. The primary difference between basic and advanced training is that after advanced training, your dog will be able to perform all of the commands off leash by responding to your verbal commands. Dogs who have completed advanced obedience training are an absolute joy to have in your home and around your family.

After completion of the obedience training programs, we take about an hour to spend time with your dog and family. We make sure that each person handling your dog is aware of all commands and is capable of working as a team with the family pet. This is a fun time for the whole family.

At Duck Dog Trainer we do more than just labrador retriever training…we help train pets that are fun in the blind and for your family. Call us today at 409-460-2314 to discuss your pet’s needs.


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