Advanced Retriever Training

advanced retriever training

Does my dog need Advanced Retriever Training?

Building a strong foundation for any gun dog, especially labrador retrievers,  begins with our Basic Retriever Training. If you want your dog to be a duck hunting “rock star” then our Advanced Retriever Training Package is what you want. Before entering this part of our program it is very important that your dog complete our basic retriever program or come to us with proficiency at the basic level.  Once this has been determined then ask yourself these questions.

1.   Do you have a high number of ducks that sail off cripple more than 100 yards away?
2.   Is the cover that you hunt in short enough that your dog can see you if you need to give him a hand signal?
3.   Do you find myself often thinking that it would be so much better if your dog would take hand direction?
4.   And finally ( this is a tough one…so be honest with yourself ) Are you the kind of person who has to have the best of everything or do you want to impress clients, family, or friends with your dog?

If you answered yes to 2 or more of these questions then you might consider enrolling in our advanced retriever training program.

The Advanced Retriever will be able to perform all of these Basic Retriever skills:

  • Advanced obedience training (Heel, sit, stay, here) off lead
  • Force Fetch (Fetch on command with hand delivery)
  • Steady to shot
  • Collar Conditioned
  • Multiple Marked retrieves on land and in water up to 100yds
  • Scent trained (follow a duck drag)
  • Able to perform from boat, blind, and through decoys
The Advanced Retriever Training Package will also include:
  • Takes whistle  and signals for “blind retrieves” up to 100+ yards on land and in water
  • Will be able to “honor” while other dogs works (remain in sitting position)
Estimated training time is 3-5 months in addition to completion of our Basic Retriever Training.
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