Trained Labs For Sale

labrador-retrievers-for-saleDuck Dog Trainer occasionally has trained labs for sale.  These are dogs that either we have trained from pups with the goal of selling, client’s dogs (sometimes a client’s life situations change forcing them to get rid of their dogs) or trained dogs that we were contracted to sell.  The beauty of these hunting dogs is this….what you see is what you get.  We invite prospective buyers to come to our dog training grounds for a demo of the dog before they buy. We will set up a hunting scenario similar to how you will be hunting so you will know exactly how the dog will respond.  After we demo the dog for you, we will teach you all of the basic commands and allow you to work the dog insuring a smoothe transition.  These dogs are very limited so call us now at (409) 460-2314 to inquire about availability.

For a list of definitions for training terms and phrases, please see our Retriever Training Definitions. 

Current Dogs For Sale:

trained labrador retreivers“Betcha” – Betcha is a nice yellow female with all clearances and a nice pedigree. She is doing easy doubles and working on hand signals. She is a sweetheart that loves to be loved on. Still training and is gonna be a great dog when finished. The price will increase as she improves.
Price: $4,500



trained labrador retreiver“Buck” – Buck is great looking and hard charging. He is still in training but is currently running nice long singles and has a big water entry. He is staring doubles and working on hand signals as well. His price will go up as he improves. Pedigree second to none!
Price: $4,500



retreiver training“Bella” – Bella is a 5 yr old Certified Duck Hunting Champion & has received her UKC HR title. She is a great hunter with years of duck and goose hunting experience, is very steady & marks ducks out in excess of 150 yards & runs blind retrieves over 200 yards with whistle commands and hand signals. She is a sweet dog & would be great in any duck blind. Bella has raised 2 great litters for us & then was spayed. She needs to go to a home where she will get to hunt, since she loves it so much.  Price: $5,000



trained lab retriever“Ruff” – Ruff is a great looking yellow male who is QAA with Master Passes. He also has a Senior Hunter and Hunting Retriever title. Ruff does it all and looks good doing it. Long blind retrieves and multiple marks are no problem. He has hunting experience and is someone’s dream dog.
Price: $9,000 and a steal at this price!



trained retrievers“Ben” – Ben is three years old with a ton of drive and incredible water entry. He is steady to shot and able to mark multiple birds in excess of 200 yards. Ben runs blind retrieves over 300 yards and is very stylish and willing to please. Great looking once in a lifetime dog able to handle large hunting parties solo!
Price: $10,000 and worth every dime!


Past Dogs We’ve Sold:

trained lab for sale“Red” – Red is a 1.5 yr old yellow female. She is obedient, steady, runs double and triple marks. Red is able to perform blind retrieves out to 75 yards. Red is fast with a nice water entry. Small frame female. Great pedigree. Price: $5,500



trained-retriever-for-sale-dru-sold“Dru” – Dru is a 1 yr old black lab male who could be a once in a lifetime dog. Currently 11 months old to be exact, Dru is very obedient, steady, and capable of running multiple marks and blind retrieves at 200 + yards. He also has limited hunting experience with great success. He is able to sit calmly in the blind while being very fast in the field. Excellent pedigree. Price: $8,000 firm



trained labs for sale in texas“Lady” – Lady is a one year old started black female lab. Lady is obedient, delivers to hand, and is able to retrieve multiple marked birds. She is fast and has a nice water entry. Lady is a very sweet dog and does best when she can really bond with her handler. Nice pedigree. Price: $3,500



trained labs for sale in texas“Mick” – Mick is an eleven month old yellow lab male. He is out of proven field trial lines and is expected to be a great hunter. He has incredible desire and doesn’t give up easily! Mick is able to perform double marked retrieves and run off of a dog stand. He is steady to shot and delivers to hand. Mick has potential to be a super star retriever! Price: $4,000



trained labs for sale in texas“Scout” – Scout is a three yr old beast! He is hard charging with great looks to boot! He is able to perform multiple marks, is steady to shot, can run simple blind retrieves on hand signals, and has hunting experience with over a hundred retrieves last season. His strength is his incredible nose. He is great at finding cripples in cover. Price: $5,000


trained labs for sale“Hank” – Hank is almost two years old. He has obedience down pat, is force fetched, collar conditioned, steady to shot and marks long doubles. Hank is completely finished and is running blind retrieves. He has an excellent pedigree and has been an inside dog. Hank was enrolled in our Certified Duck Dog Program and has achieved Certified Duck Hunting Champion status. Price: $7,500


trained retriever for sale otis sold“Otis” – Otis is a 2 year old yellow labrador retriever male with hunting experience. Otis has retrieved over 250 ducks while in live hunting situations. Otis is steady and able to perform double marked retrieves. His obedience is great as well. Price: $3,750


Rayne-Retriever-for-Sale-sold“Rayne” – Rayne is a 4 year old (almost 5) yellow female labrador retriever. She is HRCH and has 4 Master Passes. She runs 300 plus yard blind retrieves and is steady as a rock. Nice, calm dog with good manners and hustle. She weighs 55 pounds and is a great pet as well. OFA Excellent, Elbows Normal, Eyes Clear, CNM Clear, EIC clear. View Rayne’s Pedigree Here.Watch a Video of Rayne Here. Price: $5,500

maggie-trained-labrador-retriever-for-sale“Scout” – Scout is an 18 month old, yellow male labrador retriever. He is a basic duck dog. Scout is very steady, runs doubles and is starting to run blind retrieves. He is extremely fast. Will make a great hunting partner. Price: $3,500



scout retriever for sale“Maggie” – Maggie is a 14 month old, yellow female labrador retriever. She is a basic duck dog. Maggie is very obedient, runs basic double marks and is ready to hunt ducks or doves. Maggie will make a great hunter/pet combo dog.Price: $2,750


Rugersold“Ruger” – Ruger is a hunting retriever champion, master hunter and QAA field trial dog. He has also had limited success in SRS trials as well. Ruger has picked up over 1,000 ducks and geese. He is a great family pet who lives indoors. He is the real deal and is the best dog we’ve have ever offered! View Ruger’s Pedigree Here.  Price: $10,000 


“Kona” – Master Hunter – Kona is a four year old chocolate lab female who has it all. She is extremely steady, is a great marker, and excels at any blind retrieves. OFA good, CNM clear, EIC carrier. She is ready to hunt now! View Kona’s Pedigree Here.  Price: $6,000 


“Buck” – Black Male labrador. Buck is less than 2 years old with tons of potential. He has some Derby experience, is an excellent marker, and is capable of running blind retrieves over 300 yards. Plenty of drive but also capable of being calm. Should make an excellent duck dog or will be perfect for someone wanting to run hunt tests or SRS events.                     View Buck’s Pedigree Here  Price: $6,000 FIRM.


“Rupt” – 2 year old black male. Rupt is ready to hunt NOW. He runs multiple marks, is steady to shot and takes hand signals to blind retrieves at over 250 yards. He is a third place qualifier. Duck and goose hunters dream with great looks. Price: $6,000



“Anna” – 7 year old black lab female with a Senior Hunting Title. She is steady to shot, able to pick up multiple marked retrieves and hand signals out to 200 yards. She is a small dog with lots of drive with a big water entry. Ready to hunt NOW. Price: $2,000


“Jetta” – 4 year old female. Jetta is a Deutsche Dratthar. She is force fetched, collar conditioned, steady, land and water doubles, blood trailer with deer and duck hunting experience. Price: $3,000



“Molly” – 4 year old yellow female Labrador. Steady, doubles on land and water, FF, CC, 200 hundred yard blind retrieves, running at a seasoned level. Has junior hunter title and started retriever title. EIC and CNM clear. OFA good. Smaller dog with nothing stellar in pedigree but a very sweet dog who could be a great hunting partner. Price: $3,500.

“Ginger” – HRCH Southern Sadie’s Ginger Spice MH UH – Ginger is a four year old black lab female who has it all. She is a great marker, extremely steady, and able to run any blind retrieve. Duck hunter’s dream! She has had one litter and has an incredible pedigree. (FC AFC Watermarks the Boss and Watermarks Texas Welcome bloodlines) OFA good, CNM and EIC clear. Price: $8,500 firm

“Faith” – 7 month old female. Faith is force fetched, collar conditioned, obedient, steady to shot, and multiple marks land and water. EIC clear. Faith has lots of drive and will make a great hunter this season. Price: $2,000



“Girlie” – 20 month old black lab female. 50 lbs of dynamite! Girlie is steady to shot, retrieves multiple marks on land and in water, is force fetched, collar conditioned, and extremely obedient. She is currently working on three handed casting drills. FC AFC Badger State Ram Kicker x Lewis Rivers Cassie Girl MH. Girlie will make a great hunting dog, is a nice pet and could also compete in hunt test. Limited Registration only (no breeding rights). Price: $2,500

“Deacon” – 7 month old black lab male. Obedient, force fetched, collar conditioned, long single marked retrieves. Introduced to decoys, live birds etc. Deacon will continue training until duck season and his price will increase by $550 per month until sold. Nice dog with lots of desire and good looks! United Kingdom imported sire x HRCH MH UH bitch. Price: $2,000

labrador retriever“Bleau” – 12 month old black male Labrador. Steady, FF, CC, Obed, FTP, Three Handed Casting, easy doubles. Tons of drive with a great personality. Will be in training until sold and will adjust price accordingly. CNM and EIC cleared by parentage. Very strong topside of pedigree FC/AFC/NFC/NAFC. Should be nice hunting or hunt test dog. Price: $1,750

“Sophie” – Finished 4 year old female chocolate Labrador. She is a great pet, experienced hunter and is very stylish. Awesome pedigree but she has been spayed. Price: $4,000 firm.


obedience training“Sadie”- Yellow lab female 9 months old. Sadie is obedient, force fetched, collar conditioned and running single marks. Starting “t” work this week. Sadie is extremely fast and not for the faint of heart. She is a fire breathing dragon with tons of drive and an awesome water entry. Keep both hands on the wheel! Sadie is out of two QAA dogs both with excellent pedigrees. Price will increase with additional training. Price: $2000. 

labrador retriever

“Ace”- 13 month black lab male. Ace is obedient, force fetched, steady, performing multiple marks on land and in water, running through decoys, running from blind and has some hunting experience. Ace is ready to hunt now! He is currently performing three handed casting drills and the running “T” drill. Once Ace transitions to blind retrieves his price will increase accordingly. Ace is a hard charging nice dog with a nice pedigree as well (untitled sire and dam but grand sired by NFC FC Two Rivers Lucky Willie and NAFC FC AFC Candlewoods Rambling Man). Price: $2000 Firm.